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Before I get down to the good, promise of a brighter tomorrow stuff, I feel like I have to touch on the dark spots a little. So to anyone who has a gun, DO NOT hesitate to blast any Boko’s head off.

We’ve failed as a nation.

You know, at this point in time depression seems like a good thing. Purgatory seems like a good place to be because these agents of the devil have turned this nation into a living hell. Woe to that Nigerian who relegates christmas day 2011 to a non-entity. Woe to that Nigerian who does not abhor Boko Haram  as I write (and you read). I still cannot get over how heartless a human being can be, a FELLOW NIGERIAN at that, to bomb unsuspecting churches packed with innocent christians on christmas day. But that (despite it’s weighty nature) is not the point to be made here. Apparently we have bigger fish to fry.

More than anything else I’m disgusted at our collective incapacity and lack of pro-action to prevent this menace that is Boko Haram from attacking us and demoting our nation into an unwanted edifice. Everybody here is to blame, from G.E.J who danced like he had just gotten to Heaven on Sunday, to you and I who, in our small and not-so-small capacities could really be putting more pressure on the government to beef up security and come down harder on Boko Haram. Wallahi if we put more effort into it, we’d be doing so much better in our national battle against terrorism. But then….?

Despite the fact that we are all to be blamed though, one state institution naturally stands out as deserving the most stick. For the sake    of October 1st, where have the Nigerian intelligence agencies been in all this carnage? The SSS? NIA? It’s appalling really. After the June 16 attacks on the Police Headquarters I was sure that if not anything, that incident would spur these anti-terrorism institutions into unprecedented action. No show. Then the UN building came down and then I swore that that marked the end. Surely no matter how defunct the SSS was they’d be able to crack down on Boko for this insult to humanity. Still no show. Now our wealthy brothers in Transcorp have to live in unending, morbid fear. It’s really a pity.

Bombed UN Building

According to The Moment (momentng.com);

“failure of intelligence gathering and misapplication of available information have been cited as reasons the Islamist sect has continued to spring surprises on the nation’s security agencies.”

Ehen now. But why not? Boko Haram is exploiting these agencies’ slowness and as such bombs will keep going off anytime they sneeze. As if a first time was not enough these guys keep letting themselves get punched in the same place, the same way by the same boxer. It’s a pity really.

Most Nigerians are enamored with the systematic and precise nature of the FBI or the CIA or even the M16 without realizing that we are meant to have our own FBIs and CIAs. I think if we have a Nigeria with fully-functioning, highly-efficient security agencies such as the aforementioned, not only would Boko be totally wiped away from the earth, there’d be more job opportunities, the emergence of an elite class of specially trained operatives,etc, the kind of stuff that can only suggest rapid national progress. What’s more? Wouldn’t it be cool to have Nigerian movies about the SSS the way there are all those FBI movies. We’d have more homegrown stuff and resultantly be screaming Afro-modernity like never before. 

Director-General, State Security Service

Seven/eight years ago this won’t have been on the top of our plate. But it doesn’t take a first-rate babalanwo to tell how important national security is now. We’d be plunging  ourselves into more danger if we don’t up the ante in dealing with these @#$%^&**(##$%&% .

Enough said.


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